Here you will find resources and information that may help you improve your shooting. You will also find presentation materials and information from our internal club education program where we conduct training sessions 4 times a year on topics to assist our members in improving their skills. 

Education sessions

The below is a list of the education sessions held at the Wangaratta rifle club. We encourage any clubs to use the materials we provide here and we are more than happy for you to make contact with us for additional information. 

Case preperation for improved reloading - The first in the clubs series of education sessions was on the benefits of full length resizing and using the rifle to test for correct fit of cases for improved safety and shooting accuracy.

DISCLAIMER and WARNING. The information contained in these documents is to the best of WRC's knowledge accurate and correct. In addition, Handloading ammunition is a potentially dangerous process. By clicking on the links below, you accept that you already understand these risks and how to properly manage them. WRC will not accept liabilty for you missinterperating the information presented, or failing to take the proper safety precautions. Further information on Handloading and Safety are outlined in every handloading manual, such as the ADI Powders Handloading Guide 9th edition. Please read and understand the content in these manuals first before using these documents.

Click the following links for the The delivery plan and presentation notes.  

A guide to better scores - A pocket guide for target rifle shooters, although many of the principles will be useful to all class of shooters, courtesy of the NSWRA. 

F Class Target shooting techniques - an excellent guide to the new F class shooter, although many of the principles can assist any shooter, courtesy of the VRA. 

Finger placement on Trigger - an excellent and easy to follow article on correct finger placement for smoother trigger pulls. Watch the video here.

A guide to cleaning - an excellent article on cleaning for the beginner, courtesy of the SSAA.