THE Premiere Long Range Fullbore Rifle Club

Wangaratta Rifle Club

The range from 600 meter mark, with wind flags

Wangaratta Rifle Club

This site is the  home  of the Wangaratta Rifle Club.

We have a long and proud history, having been established in 1884 and been continuously in operation since.

We have  one of the best ranges in Victoria, if not Australia, with 12 target width and  both metric and imperial ranges to 700 yds. We are currently a fully electronic range.

This is the home of the famous Easter weekend of shooting, with the best shooters in the country vying for honours

Please look around our site, as there is much info here.

To contact us:


John Gullock

0412 260 732



Ian Sandford

(03) 5721 3030


Peter Kelley

02 6033 4221

weather radar



With grateful acknowledgement to the State of Victoria

Please note: If forecast temperature is for 36c or greater  then shooting will commence at 9 am. If the day is a declared fire danger day, then no shooting will take place.