Wangaratta Rifle Club and Rifle Range

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the home of the Wangaratta Rifle Club and fullbore rifle range. The club has a long and proud history, having been established in 1884 and been in continuously operation since. The rifle range is located near Glenrowan and we believe it to be one of best in Victoria, if not Australia. The range consists of 12 targets, 3 being modern electronic. The rifle range covers all distances in metric and imperial, from 300 yards to 700 yards.

This is the home of the famous Easter weekend of shooting. This Prize Meet event typically attracts over 80 shooters on the Saturday and over 60 for the Sunday. This event attracts some of the best shooters in the country, all vying for honors for Saturday, Sunday and the weekend aggregate prizes.

The two main disciplines supported by the club are Target Rifle and F-Class. F-Class comprises of three sub categories, F-Standard, F-Open and F-Target Rifle. More detailed information on each of these categories are found on our
Disciplines page.

The range is generally open on most Saturdays for shooting which takes place beginning at 12 o’clock, every week of the year. Check out the Syllabus for more information.

The range is also available for practice and sighting in on Wednesday's by appointment. 

Visitors are most welcome to attend a Saturday shoot at our riffle range, whether they are members of other VRA/NRAA affiliated clubs, shooters who are novices to target shooting, or those who don't hold any firearms license who wish to try shooting for the very first time. So feel free to come along to the Wangaratta Rifle Club and enjoy an afternoon of shooting in a safe and friendly environment. Note that the range does have Target and F-Class Rifles and other equipment available for use by those wishing to try this challenging and fun sport for the first time. For novices to target shooting or shooting in general, your first Saturday visit range fee will be free. You will have to pay for the ammunition consumed.​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Please note: If forecast temperature is for 36c or greater  then shooting will commence at 9 am. If the day is a declared a total fire ban day, then no shooting will take place.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Click here for Range Fees.