The Wangaratta Rifle Club is always seeking and happy to take on new members. We encourage new participants to visit the club on any Saturday and have a go. Each new participant is assigned a club member as their mentor who will assist them with understanding our sport, club rules and what they need to know to participate in our sport. 

Please be aware that we do not bestow membership of our club lightly. We actively look for members who bestow and fit with the ethos of our club. We will not give membership to somebody to allow them to fulfil a license requirement for example. Members are expected to take part in competition shooting.

Once a prospective member has undergone a short trial period in which both our club and the new participant gets a feel that they wish to continue participation in the sport they will be invited and provided with a club membership form. Of course, feel free to talk about club membership with your mentor at any time. 

The current years schedule of fees are available on this page, your mentor will assist you in understanding what your membership fees entail and will be for this current and subsequent years. 

We hope you feel welcome at the Wangaratta Rifle Club.

2021/2022 Membership Fee Schedule:

CodeMembership CategoryNRAAVRAClubTotal
102Full Member$75$145$20$240
104Under 21 Junior$40$92$20$152
108Club Member$75$133$20$228
102Family Member Discount$75$110$20$205
102Super Vets Discount$75$115$20$210
102Payment Plan$75$145$20$130 & $110
110Social MemberNil$55$20$75
OLMNVRA Life Member (Active Shooter)$75Nil$20$95
OLMNVRA Life Member (Inactive Shooter)$75Nil$20$20